EcoScent Titania

The EcoScent Titania scent delivery system is the ideal solution for creating ambient scenting in any
business setting. Ideal for medium to large commercial areas – hotel, meeting rooms, retail shop, bars,
reception rooms. The EcoScent Titania features advanced diffusion technology that converts fragrance oil
into a fine, dry, mist releasing fragrance safely and directly into your environment without sprays or

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The Titania scent system offers adjustable duration and scent intensity settings — making it easy for you to
customise the scent output for your chosen environment.
This scent machine has a built-in fan to disperse the scent so a slight fan noise will be heard when the unit is
in operation. WiFi operational system available on request upon order.

Key Features
Installation: Easy to install – Floor Standing
Coverage is up to 2000 cubic meters.
750ml oil capacity, easy access to refill. A 750ml bottle of signature scent lasts approximately 80 days
operating on 40% concentration for 10 hours per day.
LCD timer system allows settings for operation times, choice of day etc.
Size: W200mm x D170mm x H550mm.
Voltage: DC12V Power: 13W.
Noise Level: 47DBA
Net Weight: 7.4kg.
Colour: Black
Material: Metal

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