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Cost-Effective Washroom Solutions

You don’t necessarily need expensive sanitary ware and beautiful decor to create a washroom you’re proud of. For most businesses, making the effort to provide clean, well-maintained facilities will speak volumes to staff and customers. Our installation and maintenance service means you can rely on us to ensure your washrooms are always in good working order and properly stocked with the hygiene consumables your visitors will need.

We offer a complete range of washroom equipment and consumables to suit all styles of washroom and all budgets. Whether you’re looking for paper towels and toilet roll or luxury soaps and hand lotions, baby changers or first aid kits, you’ve come to the right place. We also provide a fantastic choice of air care options plus high quality equipment including sanitary disposal bins, hand dryers and toilet roll dispensers. Whatever you need to keep your washroom well equipped and your workplace hygienic, we can help.

When you work with us we’ll review your washroom requirements and provide a tailored approach to your business, helping you provide good quality facilities to your employees and/or customers. Please review our range of washroom equipment and consumables or get in touch for support and advice.

Washroom Equipment Installation

We deliver and install all washroom equipment you buy or rent from us. The service includes all items requiring a professional electrician or plumber through to the fitting of toilet roll holders and wall-mounted soap dispensers. You can rely on us to work efficiently and tidily, ensuring everything is correctly positioned and fitted within your washroom.

Washroom Equipment Servicing

Service visits are usually carried out on a monthly basis, although we can visit more frequently if required. During these service visits we will ensure all your equipment is fully functioning.  Plus we’ll replenish all consumables such as soaps and hand towels and remove nappy and feminine hygiene waste.

Washroom Equipment Maintenance

We provide a complete maintenance service for all your washroom equipment. This includes annual inspections and certification of electrical items. Plus, if any of your equipment gets damaged or broken, we are on hand to provide a hassle-free fix or replacement. This service is all about saving you time and effort in keeping your washrooms functioning efficiently for your staff and customers.

How We Work

What’s different about our washroom servicing is that our approach is highly flexible and tailored around you.  That means you know you can rely on us to deliver on our promises – if we say we’re going to visit on a particular day, we’ll be there.  What’s more, we’re able to step in if you need out-of-hours visits, if there’s an emergency, or you simply need extra support on an ad hoc basis.   This is particularly helpful for clients who have surges in visitor numbers at particular times of the year.

With our reliable, proactive service and automated reporting system, we’ll remove the burden of ensuring your washrooms remain in good working order at all times.

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