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Make your washrooms remarkable for all the right reasons

We appreciate that good washroom facilities are essential to any business in the hospitality industry. Clean, well-maintained facilities send a clear message to your customers about the standards of hygiene in your kitchens, and the pride you take in your service.

The impact of your washrooms shouldn’t be underestimated 

It’s a wasted opportunity when a restaurant or hotel gets the food and service right, but the washrooms let them down.  Because word of mouth recommendation is highly important, it’s critical that customers say the right things about you to their families and friends. That’s why our approach is to help you make your establishment remarkable for all the right reasons.

Choice and service

Whether you operate a high-end hotel or a family-friendly pub, we can help you provide a good washroom experience to your clients, whatever your budget.

That’s why we offer a complete range of washroom equipment and consumables to meet all needs. Our range includes the latest product innovations and luxury consumables through to mid-range and low cost options.

In addition, we provide regular service visits to remove nappy and feminine hygiene waste as well as to replenish consumables and vending machine supplies.

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Baby Changing

Consumables Bar

Hand Washing & Drying


Medical Waste Disposal

Sanitary Disposal

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Urinal Hygiene

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